‘Marek is an Amsterdam based designer who uses textile as his medium. ’

He puts his focus on the individual and makes them stand out from the crowd. With a unique sense for colours and patterns he uses and mixes materials that others have discarded. His creations challenge your concept of what is possible, acceptable and necessary.

Passionate about upcycling.

“Big part of my efforts is using unusual materials or fabrics that are unwanted. I love upcycling. Transforming a tablecloth into a pair of shorts or an old curtain into a jacket tickles my creativity. Looking past an object’s old function and seeing it in a completely different light is telling a story and giving a lesson to open our eyes and minds. “How can I wear this?” is what I always ask when I come across an interesting material.” At the same time it reduces textile waste.”

Turning old into new, Marek makes the unwanted desired again.