I am a creative entrepreneur, concept developer and matchmaker and now active for over 20 years in the world of food, drink and hospitality. As a foodie pur sang with a big marketing heart I prefer to inspire people, keeping brands fit and create impact with social entrepreneurship.
What to do if you have more ideas than time? A dilemma that I have struggled with all my life. It is about daring to make decisions, finding focus, listening to yourself, to act and don’t give up.
After a career as a consultant, I resigned from my management position in 2012 and set out my own path. In this adventure I learned the necessary entrepreneurial lessons where I lost good partners, did bad investments, won prizes, seeing too many opportunities and focusing too little to make them work. It was always on 24/7.
Due to a brain haemorrhage in 2017 I was forced to put on the brakes to recalibrate my plans. It soon became clear to me that inspiringothers and making them grow makes me a happier person.
P.A.P stands for ready to share. A philosophy that I have believed in for years. The P.A.P community is a dream come true. It is a place where talent can grow, entrepreneurship awakens and where we can build an energetic, valuable world together.
Running a business is so much more fun when you can share success.